Harmonious solution - 21st century technology within 19th century building fabric

Energy saving systems retrofitted to iconic St. Georges Terrace landmark.

Project Air Conditioning has served the Priolo Corporation for many years. Their building at 101 St Georges Terrace is the flagship in the corporation's property portfolio. The iconic and heritage listed building was in need of a major upgrade which included a comprehensive revamp of the air conditioning.

Project Air Conditioning engineering team designed a multi floor solution and installed VRF equipment to the entire building. The team worked closely with the owners to ensure heritage values were maintained as the new systems were being installed.

Heritage 4

Project Air Conditioning has become a major business partner with Priolo Corporation over the past several years. They are our preferred air conditioning service provider. Our relationship with Project Air Conditioning is a valued one.

Tony Priolo, Priolo Corporation

In consideration of difficulties faced in the installation, such as restricted access to work spaces, areas heavily congested with existing services and requirements for substantial builder’s works, Project Air’s efforts are commendable.

John Wilson, GHD Principal Project Manager

I have worked collaboritevley with Project Air Conditioning’s design personnel for many years now. Our association in fact goes back to 1991. I have always found them to be sympathetic to my house designs and their capabilities to design air conditioning systems to meet my client’s requirements have been most satisfactory. Their trades’ people also have a keen sense of quality and therefore the workmanship has been excellent.

Carolyn Marshall, Architect

5 Heritage

Methodist Ladies College

Methodist Ladies College is located in the Perth suburb of Claremont. The school is a prominent landmark sitting high on the banks of the Swan River. The school has been a leader in educating girls and young women for over 100 years. MLC has undergone significant building programmes in recent years which included a new middle school along with a gymnasium.

Air conditioning has also been a high priority for the school. Project Air Conditioning was selected to provide its design and construct expertise along with its installation knowledge and skills. Air conditioning was barely invented and not considered when the original buildings were constructed and Project Air Conditioning delivered a number of innovative and energy efficient solutions to ensure the equipment did not intrude on the heritage importance of this historic site.

Heritage 6

I write to commend you and your Project Air team. My tour of the Boarding House revealed fine workmanship; the modern addition to our heritage building is unobtrusive yet overwhelmingly positive for our girls and their families. The team's care on site to maintain the integrity of the building, meet all requests with a gracious response, ensure daily cleaning and deliver on time was impressive.

Rebecca Cody, Principal, Methodist Ladies College

Several years ago I undertook a major renovation in my Melbourne home. The house has some historic significance and all aspects of the renovation needed to be carried out with the utmost sympathy to the original structure. A friend of mine knew of Project Air Conditioning who are a Queensland and Western Australian based group of companies who apparently worked beyond their home bases, particularly for certain types of design, supply and installation work. Like most people my home is important to me and given the historic value of it I am very happy I chose Project Air Conditioning.

Simon Hardwidge, Visa Global Logistics

7 Heritage

Sacred Hearts Primary School

Urban craftsmanship from a bygone era                                                  

Sacred Heart Primary School is a Catholic, co-educational parish school comprised of 240 students from Pre Kindergarten to Year 6. The convent and school buildings are listed on the State Register of Heritage Places.

Renovations were carried out in the early 2000's to bring the school facilities to what are now enjoyed by the school community. The school leaders consulted with Project Air Conditioning to bring about an air conditioning solution to a number of buildings that were never designed for such modern day intrusion.

Project Air Conditioning carefully planned equipment selections and went on to install the systems in a manner that is unobtrusive among the magnificence of the Sacred Hearts site.

Heritage 8

Keeping the heritage value of the school intact was an important challenge for Project Airconditioning and this was expertly implemented with a minimum of fuss to the school.

Patrick Bourke, Principal, Beckenham Primary School

We were most impressed with Project Air Conditioning. Their technical and project management people were highly professional in their attitude and in the preparation of Project's proposal. They also had a strong appreciation of the problems that faced us in fitting air conditioning to a building that was never meant to have it.

Kim Guelfi, Principal, Richmond Primary School

They have a very good reputation within the industry & I’m pleased that our company has been able to build an excellent working relationship in order to serve the various markets which Project Air Conditioning are involved in. They are a team of true professionals.

Tony Jackson, Metjak Pty Ltd

9 Heritage

Subiaco Primary School

Cool Subi School                                                                                         

Subiaco Primary School is one of a number of schools in Perth's western suburbs. The school sort the services of Project Air Conditioning to supply and install its air conditioning based on the company's experience with heritage listed buildings.

Project Air Conditioning made a comprehensive assessment of the requirements and proposed system solutions that would ensure the integrity of the various buildings would be maintained. Heritage experts were called in as part of the consultation phase and all work was carried out to the school community's satisfaction.

Heritage 10

Highgate Primary School

Maintaining our history near the CBD                                                      

Highgate Primary School is one of the oldest schools in the Perth metropolitan area with a rich and vibrant history. Highgate Primary School is less than 2 kilometres north from the centre of Perth city. The School opened on 1 November 1895 with 80 children.

Project Air Conditioning has been collaborating with the school and various state government building and heritage departments for many years to supply and install air conditioning. The objective has always been to provide comfort to students and teachers but ensure the fabric of the buidling remains intact and all mechanical equipment and components blend in harmoniously with the surrounds.

11 Heritage

Their onsite management and installation staffs in particular have impressed me with their caring attitude and response to the schools operational requirements while always delivering the installation to a high standard with minimal defects or ongoing issues upon completion. I have no hesitation in referring Project Air Conditioning to other clients and in fact have done so on a number of occasions following my dealings with them in the DET State Air Cooling projects.

Rod Balaam, Norman Disney and Young

Evaporative Cooling to Non Specialist Classrooms Value Management Study. Thank you for contributions to the above study. We believe we have achieved an acceptable outcome, our challenge now is finish the project which includes get policy adopted within the Education Department.

John Gartner, Department of Contract and Management Services, Goverment of Western Australia

Hi Paul Air Conditioner has been installed and the electrical side hooked up. Thank you for sorting this so quickly for me. The cage is still to be installed. Also I wanted to let you know all 3 of the gents that did the work were extremely pleasant and professional. Please pass on my thanks to them. Thanks again Paul.

Theresa Turner, Aubin Grove Primary School

Heritage 12

Perth Modern School

Steeped in tradition

Perth Modern School is an academically-selective co-educational public high school located in Subiaco, an inner city suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The school, established in 1911, caters for students with high academic ability.

Air Conditioning has been an important part of the schools building programme. Project Air Conditioning has had an association with the school since 2004 and has been called upon many times to design, supply and install air conditioning systems in various buildings at the school. From VRF to Digital Inverter systems Project Air Conditioning has always chosen equipment to maintain a balance between comfort and the aesthetic value of this famous Perth landmark which has heritage council covenants.

13 Heritage

North Cottesloe Primary School

Century old school has air conditioning installed                                     

Established in 1913, North Cottesloe Primary School has a proud history of achievement and a strong community spirit. The school community banded together to provide the necessary funds to have the school air conditioned.

Spotless FM which was appointed by the WA government Department of Finance, Building Management and Works to facilitate the project called upon Project Air Conditioning to provide a solution that gave strong consideration to the heritage value of the building fabric.

Projecty Air Conditioning delivered its solution successfully as it has done on many occasions in Perth's heritage listed schools.

Heritage 14

Spotless are a national company offering infrastructure and facility management to the private and public sectors. Project Air Conditioning is a registered preferred contractor with Spotless and has demonstrated over an extended period strong organisational competency in its service provision to Spotless. I also acknowledge their commitment to occupational health and safety.

Ken Ferguson, Spotless

They are always on time which is invaluable to a Builder. Project Air Conditioning's commitment to customer service is genuine and professional. I am delighted to recommend Project air Conditioning to anyone who requires a great team of people to get an air conditioning job done on time, on budget and of the highest standard.

Linda Hamilton and Pauline England, Buildcraft

Hi Steve The aircon is great, moreover David was fantastic mate, very professional and friendly, a real asset to the business.

Ben Talbot

15 Heritage

Samson Bond Store, Fremantle, Western Australia

Port city undergoing the changes of life in the new century.

This imposing apartment complex is in the heart of Fremantle. The renovation of one of the largest and historically most significant buildings in Fremantle (The Samson Bond Store) is a fine example of transforming heritage sites once used for merchants in the port city to attractive and modern apartment living.

Project Air Conditioning completed the fit out of air conditioning during the renovation stages of the building.

Utilising Fujitsu air conditioning equipment on this occasion, Project Air Conditioning worked closely with the architect and builder to achieve the desired outcome.

Heritage 16

New kitchen hoods and air conditioning installed in home economics classrooms at Cairns State High School


17 Heritage

G & R Wills Apartment Building, Perth

From Warehouse to Apartments

The G &R Wills fashion warehouse is now a centre for graceful inner city living. Providing air conditioning and other services to modern apartments that have been carved out of a century old fashion warehouse and retail centre is a retrofit challenge for mechanical services. It is a challenge that Project Air conditioning met head on in a number of penthouse and multi level apartments in the Wills Building in King and Wellington Streets, Perth.

Barry Wiltshire, Project Air conditioning’s mechanical installation fitter, found that it took time to become familiar with the characteristics of the building. Installing air conditioning in several of the apartments, he discovered that every day brought a new problem which needed to be solved. However, his heavy involvement in the refurbishment gave him the feel for the building that was needed to employ the appropriate installation techniques.

Hitachi Inverter ducted units were installed to the apartments in a contract that required Project Air Conditioning presence on the site almost every day for more than six months.


Heritage 18

Project Air Conditioning in World Bank case study

Brenton Siviour of international accounting firm McKessar Tieleman has been working with the World Bank to help small businesses in China to improve their marketing, finan­cial and management systems and, following from that, their profits. The aim is to alleviate poverty by building small to medium business enterprises (SME). This will create employment, which leads to the creation of wealth.

The recent admission of China to the World Trade Organisation has exposed Chinese businesses to increased competition. Those businesses now say we need to know about world's best practice." Australia leads the world in business and entrepreneurial skills, so it was no surprise when the bank came to look for expertise. Mr Siviour began consulting with small businesses to improve their efficiency in 1996 with his own company, Siviour Corporate.  He has continued this work for McKessar Tieleman following the merger of the companies in February 2000.

In June 2001, the World Bank invited McKessar Tieleman to analyse the needs of business­es in Sichuan Province, China. This led to Mr Siviour becom­ing involved in a pilot project, starting in April 2002, to help five companies develop their systems to world standards.

19 Heritage

"We need to know about worlds best practice"

Consultants would be trained by McKessar Tieleman to go to Chinese companies and pass on the knowledge they had gained.  This is both cost effective and has the added benefit that, while few of the Chinese busi­ness people needing help have any knowledge of English, the trainee consultants are fluent English speakers.

Project Air Conditioning was invited to be a case study for the trainee consultants on the basis of Mr Siviour's prior knowledge of the company. Mr Siviour explains: "Project Air Conditioning has perfected its customer service strategy. "Not only are they skilled in the technical aspects of air condi­tioning design and Installation but the way in which they per­form their service.

"In my experience of studying and working with SME's in Australia and abroad, Project Air Conditioning's business processes and systems is an exemplary model of the meth­ods required of organisations to effectively serve markets and sustain employment.

Heritage 20

Thanks to management and staff at Project Air Conditioning for their valuable contribution and the unprecedented access the company gave the Chinese delegation from the World Bank.

Mr Eric Siew, General Manager, The World Bank

Project Air Conditioning was invited to be a case study for the trainee consultants from the Peoples of Republic of China on the basis of my prior knowledge of the company. Project Air Conditioning has perfected its customer service strategy. Not only are they skilled in the technical aspects of air conditioning design and Installation but the way in which they perform their service. In my experience of studying and working with SME's in Australia and abroad, Project Air Conditioning's business processes and systems is an exemplary model of the methods required of organisations to effectively serve markets and sustain employment.

Brenton Siviour, The World Bank, CPDF delegation

I wish to express my appreciation for the installation of the split cassette-air conditioning unit fitted to our Executive Boardroom. Please also extend this to your employees who I have found very professional and carried out all their work to a high standard. I would not hesitate on calling upon you for similar projects.

Nigel Leadbitter, Department of Housing and Works, Government of Western Australia

21 Heritage

Rosalie Primary School

School steeped in early Perth history has air cooling installed               

Project Air Conditioning worked closely with government appointed facilities manager, Spotless to ensure the air conditioning at the historic Rosalie Primary School in Shenton Park is installed in a manner that maintains the integrity of the original buildings.

Air conditioning has now been installed and integrated to the original and new buildings at this heritage school to the delight of staff, students and parents.

Heritage 22

Tony Priolo, Priolo Corporation

23 Heritage

Carolyn Marshall, Architect

Heritage 24

Rebecca Cody, Principal, Methodist Ladies College

25 Heritage

Simon Hardwidge, Visa Global Logistics

Heritage 26

Patrick Bourke, Principal, Beckenham Primary School

27 Heritage

Kim Guelfi, Principal, Richmond Primary School

Heritage 28

Tony Jackson, Metjak Pty Ltd

29 Heritage

Rod Balaam, Norman Disney and Young

Heritage 30

John Gartner, Department of Contract and Management Services, Goverment of Western Australia

31 Heritage

Ken Ferguson, Spotless

Heritage 32

Linda Hamilton and Pauline England, Buildcraft

33 Heritage

Ben Talbot

Heritage 34

Brenton Siviour, The World Bank, CPDF delegation

35 Heritage

Nigel Leadbitter, Department of Housing and Works, Government of Western Australia

Heritage 36

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