Burswood residential development

Luxury living on the Swan River

Mirvac has left a distinct impression near the banks of the Swan River near Perth. The Burswood residential estate is a multi stage development in which Project Air Conditioning played an instrumental consulting and contracting role with supply and installation of air conditioning and mechanical exhaust systems to the vast majority of the properties. The project ran for over 3 years and is a showpiece for inner city living.

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The company’s engineering capabilities of selecting appropriate equipment and designing ducted systems along with their competency to install and commission equipment has fully satisfied myself and Mirvac.

Gerrard Murphy, Mirvac

Several years ago I undertook a major renovation in my Melbourne home. The house has some historic significance and all aspects of the renovation needed to be carried out with the utmost sympathy to the original structure. A friend of mine knew of Project Air Conditioning who are a Queensland and Western Australian based group of companies who apparently worked beyond their home bases, particularly for certain types of design, supply and installation work. Like most people my home is important to me and given the historic value of it I am very happy I chose Project Air Conditioning.

Simon Hardwidge, Visa Global Logistics

Hi Steve The aircon is great, moreover David was fantastic mate, very professional and friendly, a real asset to the business.

Ben Talbot

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The Masters of Disguise

Project Air Conditioning has created a discrete system design and construct for a luxury Dalkeith mansion. Linear slot and bar grille air diffusion equipment was carefully selected to blend into the high quality crafted interior fit out.

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I have no hesitation in recommending Project Air Conditioning. Their initial advice to us with regard system selection was sound and as a result we have a very discrete system, which as an interior designer, I was looking for a finish that was aesthetically pleasing.

Blazenka Vucic

I have worked collaboritevley with Project Air Conditioning’s design personnel for many years now. Our association in fact goes back to 1991. I have always found them to be sympathetic to my house designs and their capabilities to design air conditioning systems to meet my client’s requirements have been most satisfactory. Their trades’ people also have a keen sense of quality and therefore the workmanship has been excellent.

Carolyn Marshall, Architect

Service is very important to me, as is receiving good advice, so when it came to having my new air conditioning system installed, it was without hesitation that I engaged Project Air Conditioning to install a ducted air conditioning system into my home.

Lachlan McCrae, Lennox Realty

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Peppermint Grove home

Ducted air conditioning demand

Reverse Cycle ducted air conditioning has  been increasing in popularity in Perth over the past 20 years.The 1980's and early 90's seen much demand for ducted evaporative cooling in many residences, however this has now been superceded by this centralised method of cooling and heating homes.

This Peppermint Grove residence was as early example of Project Air Conditioning forte as a specialist in the area of design and construct in this high demand market segment.

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I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the service provided by Project Air Conditioning and the air conditioner itself. The installation went very smoothly. The workers were on time, efficient and very pleasant.

A. Kanakis

Thank you for the supply and installation of the two bedroom air conditioning units at our family home. We are pleased to say your expert advice on the air conditioning units was appreciated. It is refreshing to have someone take a genuine interest in a job and provide such a high standard of service. I would recommend Project Air Conditioning to anyone interested in having a good air conditioning system installed.

Barbara Turnbull, Innisfail Queensland

With the impressive kind of service you all gave, {that I feel can be sadly missing in today's world,} I would highly recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for air-conditioning.

Christina Braid

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French Provincial in Claremont

Project Air Conditioning has worked with architect, Carolyn Marshall frequently over the years. One of her most interesting designs was a magnificent French provincial style home at Claremont. Three compact package ducted units provided the air conditioning solution. To meet the owner's request, Carolyn designed a unique vaulted ceiling in the living area. We selected linear-style diffusers that give the appearance of two attractive slender slots in the ceiling. With baked enamel covering matching the antique white ceiling colour, created the ideal choice. The entire system blends perfectly into this magnificent home.

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We would like to thank you and your team for the great job Project Air conditioning Qld has carried out, supplying and installing a Ducted Air Conditioning System in our home. It was refreshing to have someone that takes genuine interest in his job and provides such a high standard of service. Your expert advice helped us to make the right choice.

Karl and Corina Nilsson

The Project Air Conditioning consulting, supervision and trade personnel were a pleasure to deal with from the start. They solved all the roof space restrictions for the accommodation of the equipment and ducting as well as placing the outdoor machines in discrete and accessible locations. I come from an electrical background and am very discerning with workmanship quality, particularly in this area. All the workmanship was first class.

Mark Nadauld

The tenants have informed us that the standard of your work has been most satisfactory and on behalf of our client we thank you for a job well done.

W Jamieson, Jamieson Johnson

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Riverside home, South Perth

Unique central heating solution

Project Air conditioning was asked to design and install a ducted gas central healing system with a difference. A client requested winter comfort for the first floor living rooms and second floor bathrooms of an architecturally designed home in South Perth.

Visual unobtrusiveness for the interior installation was of paramount importance.

Channels were formed in the concrete slab to accommodate the air ducts, which were then connected to flush-mounted floor grilles custom finished to harmonise with the decor.


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A piece of Tuscany comes to Subiaco - and with a unique air conditioning challenge

Pressed metal ceilings and year round temperature control create a fusion of ambience 

Project Air Conditioning have air conditioned many uniques homes down the years. Given that air conditioning equipment and components are hungry for space we have had to overcome many challenges in fitting equipment and system materials and paying particular attention to avoid compromising the performance of a system. The press metal ceilings at this newly built home in Subiaco was one such challenge. Faced with the fact that we could not fit any air grilles on the ceiling, our designers crafted out a solution by using voids and cupboards at certain parts of the home and distributing and returning air both at high and low level. 

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I have enjoyed the long term association I’ve had with them. I have passed their names onto many friends and relatives down the years and I know these people have had their systems installed by Project Air Conditioning. They are very good team of knowledgeable people, performing a very good service. I would recommend Project Air Conditioning without hesitation.

Colin Chiang

A friend of mine suggested I get hold of Project Air Conditioning. This I did and the result would have to be the most professional service and transaction I have experienced in years. Am I qualified to pass all these wonderful statements. You'd better believe it because I am the client from hell.

Michael Ratner

I have been very impressed with Project Air Conditioning. They have recently installed air conditioning at my premises and I cannot speak more highly of their capabilities. I would recommend Project Air Conditioning to anyone looking for high quality equipment and high calibre engineering and tradespeople.

Michael Murphy, Mil-tek Waste Solutions

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Project Air Conditioning in World Bank case study

Brenton Siviour of international accounting firm McKessar Tieleman has been working with the World Bank to help small businesses in China to improve their marketing, finan­cial and management systems and, following from that, their profits. The aim is to alleviate poverty by building small to medium business enterprises (SME). This will create employment, which leads to the creation of wealth.

The recent admission of China to the World Trade Organisation has exposed Chinese businesses to increased competition. Those businesses now say we need to know about world's best practice." Australia leads the world in business and entrepreneurial skills, so it was no surprise when the bank came to look for expertise. Mr Siviour began consulting with small businesses to improve their efficiency in 1996 with his own company, Siviour Corporate.  He has continued this work for McKessar Tieleman following the merger of the companies in February 2000.

In June 2001, the World Bank invited McKessar Tieleman to analyse the needs of business­es in Sichuan Province, China. This led to Mr Siviour becom­ing involved in a pilot project, starting in April 2002, to help five companies develop their systems to world standards.

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"We need to know about worlds best practice"

Consultants would be trained by McKessar Tieleman to go to Chinese companies and pass on the knowledge they had gained.  This is both cost effective and has the added benefit that, while few of the Chinese busi­ness people needing help have any knowledge of English, the trainee consultants are fluent English speakers.

Project Air Conditioning was invited to be a case study for the trainee consultants on the basis of Mr Siviour's prior knowledge of the company. Mr Siviour explains: "Project Air Conditioning has perfected its customer service strategy. "Not only are they skilled in the technical aspects of air condi­tioning design and Installation but the way in which they per­form their service.

"In my experience of studying and working with SME's in Australia and abroad, Project Air Conditioning's business processes and systems is an exemplary model of the meth­ods required of organisations to effectively serve markets and sustain employment.

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Project Air Conditioning was invited to be a case study for the trainee consultants from the Peoples of Republic of China on the basis of my prior knowledge of the company. Project Air Conditioning has perfected its customer service strategy. Not only are they skilled in the technical aspects of air conditioning design and Installation but the way in which they perform their service. In my experience of studying and working with SME's in Australia and abroad, Project Air Conditioning's business processes and systems is an exemplary model of the methods required of organisations to effectively serve markets and sustain employment.

Brenton Siviour, The World Bank, CPDF delegation

Thanks to management and staff at Project Air Conditioning for their valuable contribution and the unprecedented access the company gave the Chinese delegation from the World Bank.

Mr Eric Siew, General Manager, The World Bank

They have a very good reputation within the industry & I’m pleased that our company has been able to build an excellent working relationship in order to serve the various markets which Project Air Conditioning are involved in. They are a team of true professionals.

Tony Jackson, Metjak Pty Ltd

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Inner city masterpiece

Space saving air conditioning solution for long narrow block 

With the everchanging nature of Australian cities, land is at a premium price and the blocks are reducing in size. Home designers are being challenged with all sorts of issues to provide people a high quality product for quality living. The reduced block sizes have also presented challenges for designers and contractors of air conditioning systems, one such item that is high on the agenda of people building new homes.

This inner city Perth home was built on a long and narrow block. Project Air Conditioning designed and installed a Variable Refrigerant Flow system with a space saving single outdoor unit and which was piped to multiple indoor ducted units.

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Leederville home

The difficulty of installing ducted air conditioning into an established double storey home is well known throughout the industry.The difficulties are amplified when the home is not designed at conception stage with air conditioning in mind. This was evident at this home in the inner Perth suburb of Leederville. Project Air Conditioning was engaged for its design knowledge and skills and produced a ducted retrofit that was unimaginable to the owner, Michael Ratner. With resricted space downstairs, one strategy employed was the the construction of air tight bulkheads to deliver the conditioned air.  





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Gerrard Murphy, Mirvac

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Simon Hardwidge, Visa Global Logistics

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Ben Talbot

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Blazenka Vucic

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Carolyn Marshall, Architect

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Lachlan McCrae, Lennox Realty

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A. Kanakis

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Barbara Turnbull, Innisfail Queensland

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Christina Braid

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Karl and Corina Nilsson

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Mark Nadauld

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W Jamieson, Jamieson Johnson

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Colin Chiang

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Michael Ratner

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Michael Murphy, Mil-tek Waste Solutions

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Brenton Siviour, The World Bank, CPDF delegation

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Tony Jackson, Metjak Pty Ltd

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